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About us Medical Sciences Research Microscopy Centre
University Medical Center Groningen




LEICA TCS SP2 aobs high resolution confocal laser scan microscope (specifications)

SOLAMERE spinningdisk laser scan microscope (specifications)

TissueGnostics TissueFAXS automated analysis system (specifications)

Zeiss LSM 780 two photon/single photon confocal laser scan microscope (specifications)

Zeiss LSM 7MP upright two photon only confocal laser scan microscope (specifications)

Leica TCS SP8 high resolution confocal laser scan microscope (specifications)

Deltavision Elite integrated fast and high-resolution fluorescence microscope . (specifications)

            (All above mentioned microscopes are installed in ML1  approved rooms.)

Olympus BX 50 histology microscope. With high resolution digital color camera.

  2x, 4x, 10x, 20x, 40x, 100x(oil) objectives. Ph1, Ph2, DIC, polarisation. Upright, discussion optics.

Leica DM4000B routine Fluorescence microscope (Upright) with digital Leica DFC3000 G camera.

  2.5x, 5x, 10x, 20x, 40x( 1.0 Fluotar, oil), 40X Waterdipping, 63X(1.4 Plan APO, oil)objectives. Leica Filters: DAPI ET, TXR ET, Y5 ET, Y3 ET, L5 ET.

LAS 4.3 with auto overlay. This microscope is refurbished in September 2013.


Image Processing:

Umic has 4 workstations available for data analysis. They can be used free of charge by registered users.

Quad core 64 bits Windows XP: (room1)

  Installed software:   ImageJ /FIJI

                                Huygens Proffesional (deconvolution)

                                Photoshop CS5

                                 Imaris (3D viewing only)



Xeon 12 core 64 bits W7:(room 1)

  Installed software: ImageJ /FIJI

                              MS Office

                              ZEN Black / ZEN Blue

                              Photoshop CS5

                              Imaris (3D rendering basic)


i7 6 Core 64bits W7   (room 2)

    Installed software: ImageJ/FIJI

                                Imaris (7.6) tracking, filament tracer, XT (3d rendering and analysis)                          

                                Photo Shop CS5

                                MS Office



Quad core 32 bits W7 (room3)

    Installed software: Tissue Quest 3

                               TissueQuest 4

                                Histo Quest

                                ImageJ /FIJI

                                Open Office

                                  Photo shop    

                                  Ms Office

Dual core 32bits XP (room6)

Installed software:ImageJ, Photoshop CS4, MS Office

Attached to the Zeiss Stemi Correlative station

    (the use of the workstations, the Leica DM4000 and the Olympus BX50 is free of charge)

About software:

ImageJ (NIH, freeware, several versions) scientific image processing. Many plugins and macro's.

Huygens deconvolution (SVI), for removing out of focus blurring, noise in confocal and Nipkow disk images (only on computer no1). Also colocalisation analysis.

◘ Imaris 7.0 (Bitplane) 3D reconstruction. With this program you can easily load, visualize and analyze data from a few megabytes to multiple gigabytes in size from almost all microscope image formats. 3D reconstructions, particle tracking, filament tracer and more. (only on computer no2, the lite version on no1)

◘ Photoshop (Adobe). Photo editor

◘ ZEN Zeiss output evaluation

◘ LCS lite (Leica)  For easy evaluation of Leica images.

◘ HistoQuest (Tissuegnostics)  to identify and analyze individual cells in their native tissue environment. For histological data acquired with the TissueFaxs microscope or a Hammamatsu system.

◘ TissueQuest (Tissuegnostics)  As HistoQuest, for fluorescent labelled samples.

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