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ML-II regulations

The following rules and regulations apply in general to the people working at the Central Flowcytometry Unit (ML-II classified).

  • Access to the room is restricted to those who are aware of the risks involved in entering this room. Work must not commence until this e-learning module has been completed and instruction has been given by the Responsible Staff Member (RSM) or another member of staff authorized by the BSO (e.g. the SM).
  • Maintenance staff must consult the RSM or SM before entering the room.
  • All persons working with GMOs at level II must be registered with, and have the approval of, the BSO. No exceptions are made for students or guest staff.
  • All persons working in an ML-II area must comply with additional rules, measures or advice given by the BSO, RSM or SM.
  • In all cases not covered by these rules and regulations, the RSM, SM or BSO should be consulted.
  • Every lab worker is required to inform the RSM, SM or BSO in the event of irregularities, incidents or emergencies.
  • In the case of experiments with radionuclides, permission is also required from the Radiation Protection Unit.
  • If activities involving non-GMOs or GMOs classified under ML-I are carried out in the ML-II room, the ML-II work instructions must be applied to all activities.
  • If work has to be carried out in the ML-II laboratory involving microorganisms in risk Class 3 (ML-III), permission must be sought from the BSO. Work involving GMOs must be specified in the GMO permit. The GMO permit contains additional instructions that must be observed.
  • In certain cases, persons who are suffering from a digestive disorder, have an open wound or are taking medication that lowers the immunity will not be permitted to carry out work (consult the BSO).
Last modified:15 October 2019 12.46 p.m.