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University Medical Center Groningen

Flow Cytometry Unit fees

The costs for the maintenance of the equipment of the FCU is mostly covered by the users of the facility. Up until now, we used a subscription system that greatly favored large groups, and had some unwanted side-effects. We therefore decided that from 2020 on, all costs will be calculated on a per-hour basis, calculated from the reserved time in the booked scheduler agenda. All users must register a project number (‘kostenplaatsnummer’), and a Principal Investigator (PI) to whom the invoice will be send. Every 3 months an update of the charged costs will be send to the responsible PI.

The costs for using the analyzers will be 20 € per hour
The costs for using the sorters will be 40 € per hour

Data analysis on one of the three computer systems of the CFU is free of charge.

Users from outside the UMCG/RuG will be charged:

Analyzers: 200 € per hour
Sorters: 300 € per hour

Invoices for 2019 will still be calculated on the basis of the subscription system as shown in the table below and will be available early in 2020.


Payment for Analyzers

Payment for Sorters

< 30         hours/year

€ 100 per hour

€ 150 per hour

30 – 150   hours/year

€ 3000

€ 4500

150 – 300 hours/year

€ 4000

€ 6500

300 – 450 hours/year

€ 5000

€ 8500

450 – 600 hours/year

€ 6000

€ 10500

Last modified:16 December 2019 2.48 p.m.