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Sony SH800S

Sony SH800S sorter
Sony SH800S sorter

The benchtop SH800S cell sorter permits sorting of a wide range of cell sizes for many applications using the 70-μm, 100-μm, and 130-μm microfluidic sorting chips. This novel, chip-based design is fully integrated with comprehensive fluidics controls and advanced automation for set-up, acquisition, sort and analysis to make sorting less subjective, more precise and easier to perform.

System software is intuitive and supports sorting into tubes, 2 ml epcups and 96- and 384-well plates. The SH800S can sort 2 populations at the same time. The software generates FCS 3.0 and FCS 3.1 files that can be exported to third party analysis software.

The sorter is equipped with a class A2 Level II biosafety cabinet to provide protection for the operator and the sorted cells. The biosafety cabinet (CAS Biomat2) is custom designed for the SH800S.

The optical design offers four colinear excitation lasers (488 nm, 405nm, 561nm and 638nm) and 6 fluorescence channels. This enables the option to measure 6 different fluorochromes but combinations of probes have to be chosen carefully because the lasers are not separated in time so some combinations like APC-Cy and PeCy7 are not possible.

Indexsorting is provided but files have to be analyzed with the Sony software (third party software in the near future).



Laser Wavelength
Violet 405 nm
Blue 488 nm
Yellow-Green 561 nm
Red 640 nm

Standard Configuration

Detector Filter Fluorochromes
FSC 488/17 -
SSC 488/17 -
FL1 450/50 Pac Blue, BV421, DAPI, CFP, Hoechst33342,
FL2 525/50 GFP, FITC, CFSE, AF488, YFP, mCitrine, Vinus
FL3 600/60 PE, BV570, PI, AF568, mOrange, dTomato, mCherry
FL4 665/30 APC, 7AAD, PeCy5, PercP, mPlum
FL5 720/60 A700, PE-Cy5.5, Percp-Cy5.5, Percp-EF710, APC-Cy5.5,
FL6 785/60 APC-Cy7, APC-AF750, PE-Cy7

Sample format

Sample format
Manual loader 5 ml tubes, 15 ml conical tubes, 1,5 ml epcups, 1 ml epcups

Sorted cells collection formats

Tubes holder Sample format
Plate deposition Standard holder 96 wells plate
Angled holder 96 wells plate, 384 wells plate
Tube deposition 5 ml tube holder 2 x 5 ml tubes or 2 ml epcups
15 ml tubes holder 2 x 15 ml tubes

Sample preparation

Before sorting the sample needs to be filtered, to eliminated cell aggregrates, using the BD Falcon 5 ml polystyrene Round-Bottom Tube with Cell-Strainer Cap (REF 352235) (35 um). Doing this prevents clogging in the sample line or nozzle and results in a better, more time-efficient way of sorting.

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