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Dr. Simon Friederich

Name: Simon Friederich
Nationalit y: German
Qualifications: PhD in Philosophy and Physics
What you’ll teach at University College Groningen: Research Methods, and Philosophy of Science

Simon is assistant professor of philosophy of science at the Faculty of Philosophy and at University College Groningen. He studied physics and philosophy in Göttingen and Lausanne and obtained PhDs in theoretical physics (Heidelberg University) and philosophy (Bonn University). After working as a postdoc in philosophy of science in Wuppertal and as an academic visitor in Cambridge UK he substituted for two years as professor of theoretical philosophy at Göttingen University between 2012 and 2014.


Simon works on many topics in the philosophy of science, in particular in the philosophy of physics, but also in the philosophy of mathematics. He is also interested in epistemology and more general questions regarding philosophical method. Semi-professionally, he likes to reflect on the relations between humans and other animals – including how we should behave towards them – and on that between the sexes in humans.

Personal Facts

My favourite food is… Ethiopian bread, lentils and cabbage; pizza.

My favourite thing about Groningen is… The open-mindedness of the people here and the calm, work-friendly atmosphere all over the place.

My favourite place in the world is… Quite a few. I love, for example, the mountains and valleys in Ticino and Northern Italy, the vineyards in the Ahr and Rhine valleys and university towns such as Göttingen and Groningen.

Something most people don’t know about me is... I'm not only a classical music and prog rock enthusiast but a death metal fan. I love brutal stuff such as that delivered by the likes of Death, Opeth, Gorguts and (in mainstream heavy metal) Judas Priest.

My biggest achievement is...Being a funny, sometimes comforting, daddy for my three daughters.

When I’m not working I’m busy... Being a funny daddy, hiking, reading, playing the piano (much less since the children have arrived).

My inspiration is... My wife Andrea in her empathy, honesty, cleverness and the passion in all that she does.

Contact Information

Phone : 0049 (0) 151 40082316
Personal Website:

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