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Winterschool: A Sustainable Future for the Arctic

From:Mo 03-02-2020
Until:Fr 07-02-2020
Where:Het Kasteel, Melkweg 1 in Groningen
Polar Bears
Picture by Ronald J.W. Visser

Global warming is most prominent in the Arctic with visible changes in ice and snow and enormous challenges for ecosystems and people to adapt to the new situation. Loss of the Arctic as we know it, coincides with new development in this area on conservation, cooperation, governance and security. New business opportunities should take account of the sensitivities of the natural environment and local people. Sustainable solutions require multidimensional knowledge and a prudent approach when coming from outside the Arctic.

Participants will be introduced in the conditions experienced—and adaptations exhibited—by plants, animals and people in the Arctic regions. With a variety of experts, a multitude of interlinking perspectives will be presented and discussed. Considering that the effects of global warming are severe and clearly noticeable in the arctic region. The effects are multidimensional and can be seen in the biodiversity, local communities, growing geopolitical/military attention considerations, and increasing economic activities including mining, shipping and tourism. In this respect, the Arctic can be seen as a living laboratory for the societal challenges that are about to come in the rest of the world.


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