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Small Grants

Are you organizing a workshop or small conference that fits the SuSo theme? Do you need to carry out a small data collection? Or would you like to develop a booklet to communicate research findings to societal partners? The Sustainable Society Office is happy to help!

We offer Small Grants of €2500, - max. to researchers within the UG. We are keen to assist you in further developing SuSo related themes and to stimulate working on societal challenges and issues. Although ambitious, we are convinced that small activities can also make a difference!

Conditions for grant eligibility:

  • The activity has to fit the SuSo theme clearly. This means that it addresses a societal challenge.
  • The activity links clearly to one or preferably more of the four essential pillars of sustainable development. These are (a) economic prosperity, (b) social inclusion, cohesion and justice, (c) environmental sustainability realized by (d) good governance by major social actors, including governments and business.
  • The activity is interdisciplinary in nature and transcends disciplinary borders of Faculties.
  • The activity is preferably organized by two or more members of the academic staff.
  • The applicants are obliged to mention SuSo in outreach activities.

Criteria for grant eligibility:

  • Not more than one activity per person/group/department can be financed per year.
  • The grant ‘makes a difference’, and cannot be financed through regular faculty-level resources.
  • The grant should not exceed € 2.500,-.


  1. Small Grant applications can be submitted using the application form.
  2. The application will be judged by the standing committee. The current committee members are:
    - Prof. mr. dr. Kars de Graaf (Faculty of Law)
    - Dr. Julia Martinez-Ariño (Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies)
    - Dr. Tina Kretschmer (Faculty of Behavioural and Social Scienes)
    - Dr. Kees van Veen (chair - Sustainable Society)
    - Sarah Oude Brunink (Project assistant Sustainable Society)
  3. Within one month the Sustainable Society Office will let the applicants know if the grant will be allocated.

Get in touch
If you have any questions about the Small Grants, please do not hesitate to contact us:

  • Sarah Oude Brunink
Last modified:13 May 2020 09.26 a.m.
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