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Research interests

Zhen Chen is a PhD researcher of Private International Law at the University of Gronongen. Her research focuses specifically on the protection of tourist consumers in the context of cross-border travel and how to provide more favourable jurisdicition and choice-of-law rules to ensure that tourists can travel abroad and sue at home. Yet her research interest is not limited to tourist protection, but consumer protection in general in the field of private international law, particularly from a comparative law perspective.


Is a Mummy a Person or a Property: The Classification and Choice of Law of Cultural Objects in Private International Law

Jurisdiction and Choice of Law Rules over Electronic Consumer Contracts: The Nexus between the Concluded Contract and the Targeting Activity

Internet, Consumer Contracts and Private International Law: What Constitutes Targeting Activity Test

The Tango Between Art.17(3) Brussels Ibis and Art.6(4)(b) Rome I under the Beat of Package Travel Directive

Tort conflicts rules in cross-border multi-party litigation: Which law has a closer or the closest connection?

Jurisdiction and Choice of Law in Foreign-related Tourist-Consumer Disputes in China Under the One Belt One Road Initiative: Based on Case Analysis in the Chinese Judiciary

涉外民商事合同中单边争议解决条款效力之争: --基于案例及价值取向的比较法分析

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