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Exposure to multiple heavy metals associate with aberrant immune homeostasis and inflammatory activation in preschool children

Ambient fine particulate matter inhibits innate airway antimicrobial activity in preschool children in e-waste areas

Cardiovascular endothelial inflammation by chronic coexposure to lead (Pb) and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons from preschool children in an e-waste recycling area

Decreased erythrocyte CD44 and CD58 expression link e-waste Pb toxicity to changes in erythrocyte immunity in preschool children

Differential DNA methylation in newborns with maternal exposure to heavy metals from an e-waste recycling area

Elevated lead levels from e-waste exposure are linked to sensory integration difficulties in preschool children

Phthalate exposure as a risk factor for hypertension

Alteration of the number and percentage of innate immune cells in preschool children from an e-waste recycling area

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