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  1. 2003
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  3. Criado, GR., Aytes, AP., Martinez, F., Vos, YJ., Verlind, E., Lopez, AGM., Sanchez, IGD., & Schrander-Stumpel, C. (2003). X-linked hydrocephalus: Another two families with an L1 mutation. Genetic counseling, 14(1), 57-65.
  4. 2002
  5. Raevaara, TE., Timohariu, T., Lonnqvist, KE., Kariola, R., Steinhoff, M., Hofstra, RMW., Mangold, E., Vos, YJ., & Nystrom-Lahti, M. (2002). Description and functional analysis of a novel in frame mutation linked to hereditary non-polyposis colorectal cancer. JOURNAL OF MEDICAL GENETICS, 39(10), 747-750.
  6. Sztriha, L., Vos, YJ., Verlind, E., Johansen, J., & Berg, B. (2002). X-linked hydrocephalus: A novel missense mutation in the L1CAM gene. Pediatric neurology, 27(4), 293-296. [PII S0887-8994(02)00440-X].
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