dr. Y. (Yvonne) Groen

Associate Professor


Postal address:
United Kingdom
  1. 2012
  2. Althaus, M., & Groen, Y. (2012). Neuropsychologische verklaringsmodellen van ADHD. In A. M. D. N. Van Lammeren, E. H. Horwitz, & C. E. J. Ketelaars (Eds.), Volwassenen met ADHD (pp. 19-35). Assen: Koninklijke Van Gorcum.
  3. 2011
  4. Groen, Y. (2011). Error and reinforcement processing in ADHD: An electrophysiological study. Unpublished. In Processing of Continuously Provided Punishment and Reward in Children with ADHD and the Modulating Effects of Stimulant Medication: An ERP Study

ID: 239028