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Getting on the right track: Interactions between viruses and the cytoskeletal motor proteins

Hypericin Inhibit Alpha-Coronavirus Replication by Targeting 3CL Protease

Repurposing the HCV NS3-4A protease drug boceprevir as COVID-19 therapeutics

WDR45, one gene associated with multiple neurodevelopmental disorders

Manipulation of selective macroautophagy by pathogens at a glance

Nucleocapsid Protein Recruitment to Replication-Transcription Complexes Plays a Crucial Role in Coronaviral Life Cycle

Molecular insights into viral respiratory infections

Coronavirus nucleocapsid proteins assemble constitutively in high molecular oligomers

Isolation and Characterization of Encephalomyocarditis Virus from Dogs in China

The Interaction between Nidovirales and Autophagy Components

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Open Competitie ENW-M-subsidie voor dr. Sonja Billerbeck

UMCG ontvangt ruim 2 miljoen euro voor onderzoek naar psychiatrische en functionele stoornissen

Veni-beurzen voor zeven Groningse onderzoekers

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