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In Operando Modulation of Rectification in Molecular Tunneling Junctions Comprising Reconfigurable Molecular Self-Assemblies

Amphipathic Side Chain of a Conjugated Polymer Optimizes Dopant Location toward Efficient N-Type Organic Thermoelectrics

N-type organic thermoelectrics: demonstration of ZT > 0.3

Protonic acid doping of low band-gap conjugated polyions

Solid-State Protein Junctions: Cross-Laboratory Study Shows Preservation of Mechanism at Varying Electronic Coupling

Surface Engineering for Molecular Electronics

Thiol-free self-assembled oligoethylene glycols enable robust air-stable molecular electronics

Conductive Self-Assembled Monolayers of Paramagnetic {CoII Co 4 III } and { Co 4 II Co 2 III } Coordination Clusters on Gold Surfaces

Correction: Systematic experimental study of quantum interference effects in anthraquinoid molecular wires (vol 1, pg 2018, 2019)

New directions in surface functionalization and characterization: General discussion

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