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How to find us dr. W. (Wouter) van Gorp

Research interests

Geomorphology, geological and landscape reconstruction studies, geoarchaeology, volcanic impacts, landscape evolution modelling, sediment transport, catchment dynamics


Distal tephra from Campanian eruptions in early Late Holocene fills of the Agro Pontino graben and Fondi basin (Southern Lazio, Italy)

Post-depositional subsidence of the Avellino tephra marker bed in the Pontine plain (Lazio, Italy): Implications for Early Bronze Age palaeogeographical, water level and relative sea level reconstruction

Distal deposits of the Avellino eruption as a marker for the detailed reconstruction of the Early Bronze Age depositional environment in the Agro Pontino and Fondi Basin (Lazio, Italy)

Salt or fish (or salted fish)? The Bronze Age specialised sites along the Tyrrhenian coast of Central Italy: New insights from Caprolace settlement

Vecchie e nuove ricerche multidisciplinari nel territorio di Sezze e nelle zone adiacenti

A rare Mid-Wurmian lithoid tuff in the Agro Pontino graben (Southern Lazio, Italy) and its identification as an Albano 5-7 related distal tephra deposit (40-36 kaBP): Characteristics, provenance and palaeogeographical implications

Pre-Bonifica maps of the Agro Pontino: an assessment

De kustbekkens van Zuid-Lazio in de Vroege Bronstijd ten tijde van de Avellino-eruptie (Somma-Vesuvius): een welkome plek of een vijandige omgeving?

Developing, choosing and using landscape evolution models to inform field-based landscape reconstruction studies: Developing, choosing and using landscape evolution models

Two decades of numerical modelling to understand long term fluvial archives: Advances and future perspectives

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