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drs. W.A. (Wout) Prins

Projectmanager / lecturer
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+31 50 36 38493 (secr. Ocean Grazer project)
+31 50 36 38428 (secr. educational matters)


Frequency-Domain Hydrodynamic Modelling of Dense and Sparse Arrays of Wave Energy Converters

Underwater energy storage system

Revenue maximisation and storage utilisation for the Ocean Grazer wave energy converter: A sensitivity analysis

A Frequency-Domain Model for a Novel Wave Energy Converter

Energy-based Modeling of the Ocean Grazer Power Take-off System

Energy Extraction Analysis of the Ocean Grazer WEC via Digital Particle Image Velocimetry

Investigating the adaptability of the multi-pump multi-piston power take-off system for a novel wave energy converter

Towards Ocean Grazer's Modular Power Take-Off System Modeling: A Port-Hamiltonian Approach

Energy Capture Optimization for an Adaptive Wave Energy Converter

Revenue Optimization for the Ocean Grazer Wave Energy Converter through Storage Utilization

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Ben Feringa Impact Award: Ocean Grazer

Ocean Grazer and IvyONe winners of first Ben Feringa Impact Awards

Ocean Grazer en IvyONe winnaars eerste Ben Feringa Impact Award. Schone energie en medisch hulpmiddel in de schijnwerper

Dit dobberende platform graast golven af op energie

Adaptieve golfcentrale

Ocean Grazer (golfenergie)

Energy from waves

Doek vangt golfenergie op

Doek vangt golfenergie op

Ocean grazer rules the waves

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