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The Transformative Potential of a Vulnerability Focus in Basic Assistance Policies: A Study on UNHCR and IOM in Sudan

Beyond Citizenship and ‘Responsibilization’ in the Exclusionary Welfare State: Realizing Universal Human Rights through Social Resilience-Building and Interactional Justice?

The Use of the ‘Vulnerability’ Label by the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women: Protecting or Stigmatizing Women and Girls in the Forced Migration Context?

Vulnerability and the Right to Preventive Health Care for Asylum-seeking and Undocumented Migrant Children

Who is Deemed Vulnerable in the Governance of Migration? - Unpacking UNHCR´s and IOM´s Policy Label for Being Deserving of Protection and Assistance

De Europese verplichting voor procedurele waarborgen in de asielprocedure en de Nederlandse implementatie vanuit kwetsbaarheidsperspectief

The Implications of the Right to Health for Border Management: Emergency Assistance and Medical Screenings in the Context of Forced Migration

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