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Application of Latent Class Analysis to Identify Subgroups of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders who Benefit from Social Skills Training

Effectiveness of Social Skills Training for children with autism spectrum disorder

Network Analysis of Anxiety in the Autism Realm

Social skills group training in children with autism spectrum disorder: a randomized controlled trial

A Fresh Pair of Eyes: A Blind Observation Method for Evaluating Social Skills of Children with ASD in a Naturalistic Peer Situation in School

A randomized controlled study of a social skills training for preadolescent children with autism spectrum disorders: generalization of skills by training parents and teachers?

How to use the ADI-R for classifying autism spectrum disorders?: Psychometric properties of criteria from the literature in 1,204 Dutch children

Low-intensity blue-enriched white light (750 lux) and standard bright light (10 000 lux) are equally effective in treating SAD. A randomized controlled study

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