T.V.Q. (Thai) Nguyen, MSc

PhD student

T.V.Q. (Thai) Nguyen, MSc
t.v.q.nguyen rug.nl


  1. 2019
  2. Nguyen, T. (Accepted/In press). Civil Society and Environmental Activism in Vietnam: Attempts at operationalization and empirical insights. SEA ASEAN Fall Conference: Governance for Sustainable Development in Southeast Asia, Groningen, Netherlands.
  3. Nguyen, T. (Accepted/In press). Fish for Transparency: Food as a Trigger for Transboundary Activist Discourse (Presentation). SEA ASEAN Fall Conference: Challenges of Governance in Southeast Asia and ASEAN
    , Groningen, Netherlands.
  4. Nguyen, T. (Accepted/In press). “Fish for Transparency”: Food Grievances and Depoliticising. RGS-IBG Annual International Conference, London, United Kingdom.
  5. Nguyen, T. (2019). “Rice-Roots” Civil Society in Vietnam: Food grievances and depoliticising. Manuscript submitted for publication. In The 3rd ARNOVA- ASIA Conference: The Actionability of Civil Society
  6. Nguyen, T. (2019). Fish for Transparency: Food Grievances and Civil Society in Vietnam. 12. Paper presented at AESOP Sustainable Food Planning PhD & Young Professionals Workshop, Almere, Netherlands.
  7. 2018
  8. Nguyen, T., Holzhacker, R., & Trell, E-M. (Accepted/In press). Fish for Transparency: Challenges of environmental governance from the perspective of food-driven protests. In R. Holzhacker, & W. Tan (Eds.), Challenges of Governance in Southeast Asia and ASEAN New York: Springer.
  9. 2017

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