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How to find us T.S. (Tessa Sophia) van der Voort, PhD

T.S. van der Voort, PhD

Assistant Professor Sustainability and Environmental Sciences
T.S. van der Voort, PhD

Tessa Sophia van der Voort is assistant professor of Environmental Sciences at the University of Groningen, Campus Fryslân. Teaching at Campus Fryslân, she aims to equip students with the knowledge and the tools to understand the changing Earth System.

Her research is focused on studying how biogeochemical cycles, in particular the carbon cycle, are impacted by global change. She does so by leveraging a range statistical techniques in order to harness the full potential of a of data sources in an interdisciplinary setting. She works on both the terrestrial as well as oceanic carbon cycle, with a specific focus on the coastal oceans. 

Tessa did her PhD at ETH Zurich in Switzerland in the group of Prof. Dr. Timothy Eglinton, in close collaboration with the Swiss Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research (WSL). There, she focused on terrestrial carbon dynamics in a range of ecosystems, building on the long-term ecosystem monitoring program of the WSL. In her post-doc, also at ETH, she developed novel approaches to extract more insights from carbon-related datasets in coastal oceans and built a database and user-friendly website to map out carbon in ocean sediments.  She also has industry experience after working as a data analytics consultant in Zurich. Tessa has a bachelor and masters in Earth Sciences from the University of Utrecht.

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Contact information

Wirdumerdijk 34
8911 CE Leeuwarden
The Netherlands