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How to find us T.S. (Theila) Smith

T.S. Smith

PhD student
T.S. Smith

I consider my place and identity are strongly linked to being Afro-Caribbean, an immigrant, and a woman. This identity is critical in informing my professional and academic life as I aim to create opportunities for success for institutionally-marginalised populations like myself: A Black Jamaican woman. 

I have over ten years of experience working with youth at the primary and secondary levels in formal and informal educational settings in urban cities. I have been deeply involved with and instrumental in work around diversity and inclusion in schools and contributed science education research at different levels.

I have always liked collaborating with others to organise events as I find the process the transformative and gratifying. In the past, I have been instrumental in planning workshops for parents; family engagements for students and parents; and organising meetings. Therefore, not surprisingly, our research project focuses on the science identity development of young children (8 to 13 years) that identify with non-dominant groups in the Netherlands, more specifically, the Afro-Caribbean community.

The research intervention, "ROOTS: Ik ben Science!", which is shortened to simply ROOTS, is a community-based multilingual programme that engages families in STEAM-related activities on Saturday mornings. my study aims to explore how minoritised students come to form, negotiate and author their science identities through their engagement in a STEAM after-school community-based programme. Through an ethnographic case study approach, the design of the study seeks to examine the interplay between families, instructors, volunteers and children looking at how these relationships shape children in becoming science persons in culturally responsive and sustaining ways. 

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