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Genetic and environmental determinants of blood pressure: the role of obesity and the autonomic nervous system

Spontaneous baroreflex sensitivity and its association with age, sex, obesity indices and hypertension: a population study

Heritability and genetic correlations of obesity indices with ambulatory and office beat-to-beat blood pressure in the Oman Family Study

Heritability and the Genetic Correlation of Heart Rate Variability and Blood Pressure in >29 000 Families The Lifelines Cohort Study: The Lifelines Cohort Study

Reference values of heart rate variability from 10-second resting electrocardiograms: the Lifelines Cohort Study

Heritability and genetic and environmental correlations of heart rate variability and baroreceptor reflex sensitivity with ambulatory and beat-to-beat blood pressure

To the Editor-10-second ECG-based RMSSD as valid measure of HRV

Demographic, lifestyle and psychosocial determinants of heart rate variability in the general dutch population: the lifelines cohort study and biobank

Determinants of Heart Rate Variability in the General Population: The Lifelines Cohort Study Determinants of Heart Rate Variability

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