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T.M. Dijkstra, MA

T.M. Dijkstra, MA



2012 - Present    PhD Student at the University of Groningen: Groningen Institute of


2009 - 2012        Research Master Art History and Archaeology (RUG), cum laude.

                           MA Thesis: A Social Analysis of Mortuary Practices. Achaia 300 BC - 200 AD.

2008 - 2010        Master Classical Studies (RUG), cum laude.

                           MA Thesis: Grave and Identity in Rhodes. Identity and Self-representation

                           in the necropoleis of a Hellenistic city.

2006 - 2009        Bachelor Archaeology (RUG), cum laude.

                           BA Thesis: Grafveld en Identiteit in Hellenistisch Griekenland.

2004 - 2007        Bachelor Classical Studies at the University of Groningen.

                           BA Thesis: Women in Classical Athens - Text and Image.


Field Experience


Archaeological Research in the Hellenistic town of New Halos, Thessaly, Greece.


2011                   Erasmus Internship at the Netherlands Institute at Athens (NIA):

                           Co-organizer of the excavation and site supervisor.

                           Supervisor and participant in the study of finds.

2010                   Assistant Total Station Team, trench supervisor.

2009                   Site supervisor and administration of finds.

2008                   Participant in the excavation.


Extracurricular and international activities


2011                   Erasmus Internship at the NIA (June - September)

2011                   Language Course Modern Greek at the NIA

2010                   Language Course Modern Greek at the NIA

2009                   Interacademic Course Greek Epigraphy at the NIA

2007                   Roma Caput Mundi course at the Royal Netherlands Institute at Rome


Related activities


2012 - present   Editor for Tijdschrift voor Mediterrane Archeologie

2010 - 2011       Student Assistant Ancient History (RUG)

2010                  Student Assistant New Halos Archive (RUG-GIA)




2011                  Erasmus International Internship Grant: Research Internship at the NIA     

2011                  NIA: Accommodation Grant (Athens)

2011                  dr. L.A. Bumafonds Leeuwarden: Research Grant (Athens)

2010                  Stichting Groninger Universiteitsfonds (GUF): Grant for Excellent Students

2010                  NIA: Accommodation Grant (Athens)

2010                  GUF: Travel Grant (Istanbul and Western Turkey)

2009                  Marco Polo: Travel Grant (Athens)

2008-2011         Stichting Thessalika Erga: Travel and Research Grant (Archaeological

                          Excavations in New Halos)

2008                  GUF: Travel Grant (Athens and Peloponnese)

2008                  GUF: Travel Grant (Istanbul)

2007                  Royal Netherlands Institute at Rome: Travel Grant (Rome)

2007                  GUF: Travel Grant (Rome and Naples)

2004 - 2010       Wybenga-leen: Student Scholarship 


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Contact information

Poststraat 6
9712 ER Groningen
The Netherlands

Groningen Institute of Archaeology

Job title:
PhD Candidate
Working hours:
+31 50 36 37682 (Secretary's Office)