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T.J. Bouma

Honorary Professor Biogeomorphological Dynamics and Ecosystem Services of Coastal Zones
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Bioturbation by benthic stingrays alters the biogeomorphology of tidal flats

Co-occurring intertidal ecosystem engineers with opposing growth strategies show opposite responses to environmental gradients during establishment

Mutual facilitation between foundation species Mytilus edulis and Lanice conchilega promotes habitat heterogeneity on tidal flats

Spatial and temporal variation in long-term sediment accumulation in a back-barrier salt marsh

Biodegradable artificial reefs enhance food web complexity and biodiversity in an intertidal soft-sediment ecosystem

Early indicators of tidal ecosystem shifts in estuaries

Establishing cordgrass plants cluster their shoots to avoid ecosystem engineering

Seagrass ecosystem multifunctionality under the rise of a flagship marine megaherbivore

Seagrass is protected from ragworm pressure by a newly discovered grazer–ragworm interaction: Implications for restoration

Seed- versus transplant-based eelgrass (Zostera marina L.) restoration success in a temperate marine lake

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Riffen in de Waddenzee - Meer biodiversiteit door perenbomen in zee


Restoring marine nature by planting fruit tree reefs

Earth’s most efficient natural storage system: Land-building marsh plants are champions of carbon capture

Kustherstel kan makkelijker door natuur tijdelijk na te bootsen

Inheems zeegras belangrijk in de strijd tegen erosie

‘Zet ook de natuur in voor waterbouw’

Small steps, big leaps – How marram grass builds dunes

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