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Practical matters How to find us prof. dr. T.J. Bouma

prof. dr. T.J. Bouma

Honorary Professor Biogeomorphological Dynamics and Ecosystem Services of Coastal Zones
prof. dr. T.J. Bouma


Seagrass ecosystem multifunctionality under the rise of a flagship marine megaherbivore

A probabilistic framework for windows of opportunity: The role of temporal variability in critical transitions

Increasing spatial dispersion in ecosystem restoration mitigates risk in disturbance-driven environments

Initiating and upscaling mussel reef establishment with life cycle informed restoration: Successes and future challenges

Morphological wave attenuation of the nature-based flood defense: A case study from Chongming Dongtan Shoal, China

Recovering wetland biogeomorphic feedbacks to restore the world's biotic carbon hotspots

Salt marsh fragmentation in a mesotidal estuary: Implications for medium to long-term management

Scale-dependent effects of vegetation on flow velocity and biogeochemical conditions in aquatic systems

The importance of marshes providing soil stabilization to resist fast-flow erosion in case of a dike breach

Thermal stress affects bioturbators' burrowing behavior: A mesocosm experiment on common cockles (Cerastoderma edule)

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Restoring marine nature by planting fruit tree reefs

Earth’s most efficient natural storage system: Land-building marsh plants are champions of carbon capture

Kustherstel kan makkelijker door natuur tijdelijk na te bootsen

Inheems zeegras belangrijk in de strijd tegen erosie

‘Zet ook de natuur in voor waterbouw’

Small steps, big leaps – How marram grass builds dunes

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