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Increased insulin sensitivity and diminished pancreatic beta-cell function in DNA repair deficient Ercc1d/- mice

An early-life diet containing large phospholipid-coated lipid globules programs later-life postabsorptive lipid trafficking in high-fat diet but not in low-fat dietfed mice

Short-term protein restriction at advanced age stimulates FGF21 signalling, energy expenditure and browning of white adipose tissue

Efficient reabsorption of transintestinally excreted cholesterol is a strong determinant for cholesterol disposal in mice[S]

FXR overexpression alters adipose tissue architecture in mice and limits its storage capacity leading to metabolic derangements[S]

Glucose-6-phosphate regulates hepatic bile acid synthesis in mice

Sex Difference in Corticosterone-Induced Insulin Resistance in Mice

Targeting senescent cells alleviates obesity-induced metabolic dysfunction

The hepatic WASH complex is required for efficient plasma LDL and HDL cholesterol clearance

Inactivation of the Intestinal Apical Sodium Bile Acid Transporter Profoundly Inhibits Cholesterol Absorption.

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