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How to find us T. (Tábitha) Esteves Rosa, MSc


Gain-Scheduled Controller for Fault Accommodation in Linear Parameter Varying Systems with Imprecise Measurements

On the One-Shot Data-Driven Verification of Dissipativity of LTI Systems with General Quadratic Supply Rate Function

Fault accommodation controller under Markovian jump linear systems with asynchronous modes

Fault Compensation Controller for Markovian Jump Linear Systems

Fault-compensation Controller for LPV Systems

Robust state-feedback stabilization of discrete-time linear polytopic positive systems using LMIs

H∞ Static Output-Feedback Gain-Scheduled Control for Discrete LPV Time-Delay Systems⁎

H-2 and H-infinity State-Feedback Control Through Multi-Hop Networks: Trade-Off Analysis Between the Network Load and Performance Degradation

New robust LMI synthesis conditions for mixed H2/H infinity gain-scheduled reduced-order DOF control of discrete-time LPV systems

H∞ Output-Feedback Gain-Scheduled Control for Discrete-Time Linear Systems Affected by Time-Varying Parameters

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