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On the One-Shot Data-Driven Verification of Dissipativity of LTI Systems with General Quadratic Supply Rate Function

Gain-Scheduled Controller for Fault Accommodation in Linear Parameter Varying Systems with Imprecise Measurements

Gain-Scheduled Fault Detection Filter For Discrete-time LPV Systems

Fault accommodation controller under Markovian jump linear systems with asynchronous modes

Fault-compensation Controller for LPV Systems

Fault Compensation Controller for Markovian Jump Linear Systems

Robust state-feedback stabilization of discrete-time linear polytopic positive systems using LMIs

H-2 and H-infinity State-Feedback Control Through Multi-Hop Networks: Trade-Off Analysis Between the Network Load and Performance Degradation

H∞ Static Output-Feedback Gain-Scheduled Control for Discrete LPV Time-Delay Systems⁎

New robust LMI synthesis conditions for mixed H2/H infinity gain-scheduled reduced-order DOF control of discrete-time LPV systems

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