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Over onsWaar vindt u onsdr. T.C.H. (Theo) Witte

dr. T.C.H. (Theo) Witte

Universitair docent, Vakdidacticus Nederlands, Onderzoeker, Docenttrainer


vakdidactich onderzoek, lerarenopleiding, literatuuronderwijs, differentiatie, curriculumontwikkeling

Recente publicaties

Witte, T.C.H., Rijlaarsdam, G.C.W. & Schram, D.H. (2012). An empirically grounded theory of literary development. Teachers’ pedagogical content knowledge on literary development in upper secondary education. L1 Educational Studies in Language and Literature, 12, 1 - 34 . (ICO) Witte, T.C.H. & Sâmih─âian, F. (2013). Is Europe open to a student-oriented framework for literature? A comparative analysis of the formal literature curriculum in six European countries. L1-Educational Studies in Language and Literature, vol.13 , p. 1-22. (ICO) Witte, T.C.H. & Jansen, E.P.W.A. (in press). In search of the excellent literature teacher. An inductive approach to constructing professional teaching standards. Teachers and Teaching: Theory and Practice. (Accepted February 10, 2014)

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Hoofdredacteur; Editor in Chief
Laatst gewijzigd:02 november 2018 07:34


Grote Kruisstraat 2/1
9712 TS Groningen


E. Thomassen à Thuessinklaan 54
9713 JW  Groningen