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T.B. (Tom) Long, PhD

Since my PhD, which explored corporate climate change strategies, my focus has shifted to examine entrepreneurship, innovation and business models. I am particularly interested in socio-ethical factors and how they influence the development and efficacy of technologies and supporting business models, a cross-cutting research theme connecting technological innovation with business strategy. I pursue these aims through several research streams. 

First, I explore how and why entrepreneurs incorporate socio-ethical factors into technological innovation and start-up processes, and the extent to which responsible innovation frameworks can be applied to enhance outcomes (in terms of commercial and sustainable value). I have applied responsible innovation frameworks in high-tech agri-food innovation settings as well as to business model innovation processes in the sharing economy, in relation to bike sharing. This research stream has involved working closely with new technology-based firms and the organisations that support them, such as Climate KIC in the Netherlands. In this way, the research and its outputs remained relevant and valuable to key stakeholders and potential users.

Second, through an Interreg funded project, I explore how socio-ethical factors interact with sustainable entrepreneurship. I supervise a PhD student on the topic, investigating how sustainable entrepreneurship can contribute to the sustainable prosperity of nature and heritage protection areas in the North Sea region.

In a third stream, I co-supervise two PhD projects exploring 1) sustainable strategy development and execution and 2) circular economy interaction with social aspects, both in the context of a social housing corporation. This has involved exploring the interface of sustainable strategy with the more technical challenge of energy efficiency retrofitting and circular economy practices.

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