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T. Andersen, MSc

PhD student
T. Andersen, MSc

My PhD revolves around the study of Greenhouse gases and their contribution to the global climate. I am mainly investigating and trying to quantify the methane emissions of regional scale sources and sinks, like wetlands, landfills and other methane hotspots, and determine their contribution to the global methane cycle. To obtain air samples from these sources, I am utilizing a modified AirCore mounted on an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV); Providing a highly mobile platform to obtain high accuracy and precision measurements of greenhouse gases. I have developed this modified AirCore, an Active AirCore, that continuously samples air while a pump is running, such that the AirCore no longer is dependent on the passive sampling due to pressure differences. The main goal of this research is to reduce the overall uncertainties these sources and sinks contribute to our climate, and yielding local near-ground validation of emissions with high precision and accuracy that other techniques cannot. 

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Centrum for Isotope Research - CIO - Ground floor

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PhD student
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