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Hemostatic changes and antithrombotic management in kidney transplantation

Pathophysiological Changes in the Hemostatic System and Antithrombotic Management in Kidney Transplant Recipients

Aggravation of fibrin deposition and microthrombus formation within the graft during kidney transplantation

Antithrombotic Management in Adult Kidney Transplantation - A European Survey Study

Brexit and transplantation research: EU funding and scientific collaborations

Gender Disparities in Authorships and Citations in Transplantation Research

Gender disparities in transplantation research

Increased development of microthrombi and fibrin depositions in deceased donor kidney transplantation

Living donor hand-assisted laparoscopic nephrectomy in a healthy individual with situs inversus totalis: no need to turn down the donor

C4: The future of solid organ transplantation from the perspective of young transplant professionals

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