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Catalytic Conversion of Free Fatty Acids to Bio-Based Aromatics: A Model Investigation Using Oleic Acid and an H-ZSM-5/Al2O3Catalyst

Catalytic conversion of pure glycerol over an un-modified H-ZSM-5 zeolite to bio-based aromatics

Catalytic upcycling paper sludge for the recovery of minerals and production of renewable high-grade biofuels and bio-based chemicals

One-pot synthesis of 2-alkyl cycloketones on bifunctional Pd/ZrO2 catalyst

Tuning Pt characteristics on Pt/C catalyst for aqueous-phase reforming of biomass-derived oxygenates to bio-H2

Catalytic conversion of furfural extract from lubricating oil extraction unit over the shaped and promoted HY catalysts to valuable petroleum products

Recycling Strategy for Bioaqueous Phase via Catalytic Wet Air Oxidation to Biobased Acetic Acid Solution

Self-assembly of single-crystal ZnO nanorod arrays on flexible activated carbon fibers substrates and the superior photocatalytic degradation activity

Triphenylphosphine-Based Covalent Organic Frameworks and Heterogeneous Rh-P-COFs Catalysts

ZnO nanorod arrays assembled on activated carbon fibers for photocatalytic degradation: Characteristics and synergistic effects

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