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Association between gut permeability, brain volume, and cognition in healthy participants and patients with schizophrenia spectrum disorder

Divergent Total Synthesis of Fornicin A, Fornicin D, and Ganodercin D, Meroterpenoids from Ganoderma Mushrooms

Irinotecan-gut microbiota interactions and the capability of probiotics to mitigate Irinotecan-associated toxicity

Potential binding modes of the gut bacterial metabolite, 5-hydroxyindole, to the intestinal L-type calcium channels and its impact on the microbiota in rats

5-hydroxyindole and analogs thereof as stimulants of gut motility

Catestatin selects for colonization of antimicrobial-resistant gut bacterial communities

Complement downregulation promotes an inflammatory signature that renders colorectal cancer susceptible to immunotherapy

Gut microbiota-motility interregulation: Insights from in vivo, ex vivo and in silico studies

Gut microbiota transplantation drives the adoptive transfer of colonic genotype-phenotype characteristics between mice lacking catestatin and their wild type counterparts

Metabolic phenotyping reveals a potential link between elevated faecal amino acids, diet and symptom severity in individuals with severe mental illness

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Paddosynthese instabiel

Three projects seek adaptations to microbiome for more sustainable agriculture and horticulture


درمان بیماری التهابی با روش هایی جدید اکتشافی

Faecal transplant used to treat inflammatory bowel disease in mice

Los microbios intestinales son la causa de la inflamación intestinal relacionada con la catestatina

Gut microbes cause of catestatin-related intestinal inflammation — ScienceDaily

Fecal transplant throws new light on inflammatory bowel disease

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