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How to find us dr. S.W.L. (Sanne) Palstra

dr. S.W.L. Palstra

14C researcher / Lab-coordinator
dr. S.W.L. Palstra

(version: 08-02-2016)

 Name: Sanne Waltje Lieze Palstra

Sanne Palstra was born on 15 December 1975 in Stadskanaal, the Netherlands. After secondary school, VWO at “R.K.S.G. Titus Brandsma” in Bolsward, she followed the 4-year bachelor programme (BASc) “Chemistry” at the NHL University Of Applied Sciences in Leeuwarden, with specialization in analytical chemistry and environmental chemistry. In the period 1998-2005 she worked as chemical analyst on the analysis of pesticides in sea water at the National Institute for Coastal and Marine Management (RIKZ), a former research institute of Rijkswaterstaat (Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment).

In the period 2005-2007 she followed the 2-year master programme (MSc) “Energy and Environmental Sciences” at the University of Groningen. While following the specialization track: “Experimental measurements of greenhouse gases and climate history” she started her first research at the Centre for Isotope Research (CIO). The subject of her training thesis was related to radon and CO2 measurements in soil fluxes at the CIO monitoring station ‘Lutjewad’. The research of her master thesis, which finally resulted in her first research paper, concerned 14C measurements in wine ethanol as tracer for fossil fuel derived CO2 emissions in Europe.

In 2008 she started working at the CIO as research assistant in a temporary project about the use of 14C measurements to determine the biogenic carbon fraction in flue gases. Since 2009, in a more permanent position as research assistant at CIO, she works partly as chemical analyst and partly as researcher (PhD-employee) on different topics related to the measurement of 14C in different kind of materials. The PhD research work from the period 2007-2015 was focussed on the use of 14C measurements to distinguish biogenic and fossil carbon fractions in fuels, flue gases and atmospheric CO2, which combined the wine ethanol research, the atmospheric 14CO2 measurements from Lutjewad samples and the research of the 14C method for fuels and flue gases. The final PhD thesis is focussed on the 14C method for fuels and flue gases. Besides the PhD research work, she is involved in several other archaeological, 14C methodological and atmospheric research projects and she acts as expert in international standardization of the 14C method for biogenic carbon fraction determination. In 2014 she became a qualified supervisor Radiation protection – level 3, for the CIO laboratory. Since 2015 she is also involved in the management of the CIO laboratory.

List of publications

Palstra, S.W.L., Karstens, U., Streurman, H-J., Meijer, H.A.J., 2008. Wine ethanol 14C as tracer for fossil fuel CO2 emissions in Europe: measurements and model comparison, Journal of Geophysical Research 113, D211302.

Palstra, S.W.L., Meijer, H.A.J., 2010. Carbon-14 based determination of the biogenic fraction of industrial CO2 emissions – Application and validation, Bioresource Technology,101, 3702-3710.

Bozhinova, D., Combe, M., Palstra, S.W.L., Meijer, H.A.J., Krol, M.C., Peters, W., 2013. The importance of crop growth modeling to interpret the 14CO2 signature of annual plants, Global Biogeochemical Cycles, 27(3): 792-803.

Miller, J.B., Lehman, S., Wolak, C., Turnbull, J., Dunn, G., Graven, H., Keeling, R., Meijer, H.A.J., et al., 2013. Initial results of an intercomparison of AMS-based Atmospheric 14CO2 measurements, Radiocarbon, 55(2-3).

Palstra, S.W.L., Meijer, H.A.J., 2014. Biogenic carbon fraction of biogas and natural gas fuel mixtures determined with 14C, Radiocarbon, 56(1), 7-28.

Palstra, S.W.L., Rabou, L.P.L.M., Meijer, H.A.J., 2015. Radiocarbon-based determination of biogenic and fossil carbon partitioning in the production of synthetic natural gas, Fuel, 157, 177-182.

Van der Plicht, J., Palstra, S.W.L.. Radiocarbon and mammoth bones: what’s in a date. Quarternary International, in press (published online: 08-12-2014), doi: 10.1016/j.quant.2014.11.027.

Kuitems, M., van der Plicht, J., Drucker, D.G., van Kolfschoten, T., Palstra, S.W.L., Bocherens, H., Journal of Human Evolution, in press (published online: 29-03-2015), doi: 10.1016/j.jhevol.2015.01.008.

Bozhinova, D., Palstra, S.W.L., van der Molen, M.K., Krol, M.C., Meijer, H.A.J., Peters, W., Three years of D14CO2 observations from maize leaves in the Netherlands and Western Europe, Radiocarbon, (under revision).


List of presentations (related to the PhD research):

2009        Oral presentation: “The biomass fraction of industrial CO2 emissions”, Workshop “Determining European fossil fuel CO2 – recent developments in modeling and observations”, May 2009, Heidelberg, Germany.

2010        Oral presentation: “Radiocarbon (14C): A perfect tool to verify the biogenic carbon fraction of fuels and CO2 emissions”, European Energy Conference, April 2010, Barcelona, Spain.

2010        Oral presentation: “14C-based verification of fuel derived carbon emissions”. Workshop “Fine-grained mapping of carbon fuel emissions”, May 2010, Braunschweig, Germany.

2011        Oral presentation: “14C-based biogenic and fossil carbon determination in fuels and CO2 emissions. PhD seminar at Energy Delta Conference, November 2011, Groningen, the Netherlands.

2012        Poster presentation: “14C-based determination of biogenic carbon fractions in fuels and flue gas CO2”. Radiocarbon conference 2012, July 2012, Paris, France.

2014        Oral presentation: “14C-based determination of biogenic fractions in fuels and flue gases: methodological uncertainty issues”. Radiocarbon in the Environment conference, August 2014, Belfast, Northern Ireland.

2015        Oral presentation: “14C-based verification of the biogenic carbon fraction in biogas, SNG and bio/fossil gas mixtures”, Gas2015 conference, June 2015, Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

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