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Academic harassment: The need for interdependent actions of stakeholders

Breaking the silence around academic harassment

Collective system-supporting inaction: A conceptual framework of privilege maintenance

Disrupting targets’ dependency on bullies

Harassment as a consequence and cause of inequality in academia: A narrative review

How bullying becomes a career tool

The need for the development of discipline-specific approaches to address academic bullying

Women Academics’ Intersectional Experiences of Policy Ineffectiveness in the European Context

The stereotype rub-off effect – Organizational stereotypes modulate behavioural expectations, expectancy violation and punishment after transgressions

Cultural Interoperability in Project Taurus

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SoFoKles Podcast ‘Hete Hangijzers’ over sociale veiligheid en ongewenst gedrag

Preventie Overleg Groningen officieel van start

What a Dutch-German army integration can teach us about employee engagement

Covid-19: Challenges of motivating compliance with large-scale behavioral change

COVID-19 is a lesson in inequality, too

Expert comment voor eva (#2, 2020): Is maat 44+ het nieuwe taboe?

Expert comment for

Gender quotas and equality plans won’t work without a culture change

Insights from the Gender Summit in Amsterdam

Vrouwenquotum is alleen een ramp voor de middelmatige man

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