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How to find us dr. S. (Susanne) Täuber

dr. S. Täuber

Universitair Hoofd Docent (UHD)
dr. S. Täuber
+31 50 363 4288:
050 36 34288 (secretariaat)

Nacht van Kunst en Wetenschap: The Synchrony Project

A team led by YAG-member Marieke van Vugt, including interdisciplinary YAG PhD student Lionel Newman, Random Collision dance company director Kirsten Krans, neuroscience postdoc Debarati Banerjee, YAG-member Susanne Täuber, and more is involved in investigating how the synchrony between the brains of two individuals is involved in human connection.

To address this question, the team has a very unique method: dancers investigate this question through movement research, while at the same time their brains are being recorded. At the same time, the scientists try to relate the cognitive and emotional processes occurring during the dancing to the brain activity.

To allow for audience involvement, the data are being collected during a series of dance performances that tour the Netherlands. During the shows, the audience can see the brain waves live, hear a poetic interpretation of the situation and talk with the researchers about their impressions.

PPE Workshop "How moralization and polarization affect collective action: Philosophers meet psychologists" March 27, 2019 

Organized by Susanne Täuber & Frank Hindriks

Keynote by professor Linda Skitka (University of Illinois at Chicago)


Notes on Synchrony is an experiment in which contemporary dancers and neuroscientists co-investigate the meaning of this connection.

In Groningen, our hometown, we’ll have a special edition of Notes on Synchrony including a panel conversation on Saturday March 16 where scientists, artists and the audience can talk about what happens when artists and scientist collaborate.

Nowadays we hear more and more about collaborations between artists and scientists. But what exactly happens when these two very different ways of knowing (science and art) collide? The case study for this conversation is Notes on Synchrony presented on Sunday March 17.

Speakers from the University of Groningen include: 
Ryan Wittingslow | University College 
Ferdinand Lewis | University College 
Lionel Newman | Faculty of Science and Engineering 
Tom Postmes | Faculty of Behavioral and Social Sciences
Susanne Täuber | Faculty of Economic and Business

VENI "The art of persuasion" (2015-2018, #451-15-035)

In light of the exploding costs of the traditional welfare state, the Dutch government advances the shift into a participation society. Täuber argues that moral persuasion impairs the goals of the participation society in two important ways: Firstly, because defensiveness entails that people refuse to engage in the desired behaviours (i.e., living healthily), economic costs increase. Secondly, because new targets of prejudice and discrimination emerge, societal solidarity (i.e., helping others who are in need) is undermined.

Her research was covered nationally and regionally. A selection of the coverage:

Third-stream funding "Integration of German & Dutch Army units" (2015-2019)

Täuber received funding from the Dutch & German Ministries of Defense to investigate the bi-national integration of Dutch and German Army Units, a pioneering project with the European Union. This project is jointly conducted by Täuber, Frederik Wermser, Peter Essens, and Eric Molleman.

A German report on our research can be found here.

A recent article (in German) referred to the insights generated by the project regarding the importance of cultural differences for collaboration across organziations or nations. 

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