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dr. S.S. Visser-Van Donk

Postdoc Intergenerational transmission of poverty
dr. S.S. Visser-Van Donk

In September 2011 I started as a PhD Candidate at the faculty of Spatial Sciences. My PhD research analyses food choices and well-being in households the North-Eastern part of the province of Groningen. This project is part of the research program HAPS (Healthy Aging, Population and Society), a collaboration between Demography, Epidemiology and Sociology.


Visser, S.S., Bailey, A. & Meijering, L. (2014). Food, faith and community. Social well-being of Ghanian migrants in the Netherlands. Gender, Place and Culture. DOI: 10.1080/0966369X.2014.885891

Douma, L.E. & Visser, S.S. (2013). Zorggebruik door zorgmijdende diabetespatiënten. Een verkennend onderzoek in Oost-Groningen. (Care use of diabetic patients. An explorative Study in Eastern Groningen). Research Report carried out in the request of Masterplan Zorg voor de Toekomst Noord- en Oost-Groningen (in Dutch).

Visser, S.S. (2010). The role of social networks in social well-being. Ghanaian migrants in the Netherlands. Master thesis Population Studies. Faculty of Spatial Sciences, University of Groningen.

Kooiker, L. & Visser, S.S. (2008). Improving schools in Malawi through community mobilization. Master thesis Educational Sciences. Faculty of Behavioural Sciences, University of Groningen.


In 2004 I started with the study Pedagogy and Educational Sciences at the RuG. After a bachelor in Pedagogical Sciences, I did my master Policies and management in Educational Sciences in 2007. During this master I conducted a research in Malawi on community mobilization in primary education within rural areas. This research was done in cooperation with Edukans, a development organization with a focus on education.

After this master I started  the bachelor of human geography in 2008. This gave me the opportunity to be accepted to the master Population Studies. Within this master I conducted a research on the role of social networks in the social well-being of Ghanaian migrants in the Netherlands.

In 2010 I worked as a teacher in Pedagogy at Hogeschool Windesheim. Hereafter I returned to the university to start my PhD.  

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