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Practical matters How to find us S. (Stefany) Moreno Gamez, PhD


Trade-offs predicted by metabolic network structure give rise to evolutionary specialization and phenotypic diversification

Microfluidics for single-cell study of antibiotic tolerance and persistence induced by nutrient limitation

On the origin and function of phenotypic variation in bacteria

Wide lag time distributions break a trade-off between reproduction and survival in bacteria

Quorum sensing integrates environmental cues, cell density and cell history to control bacterial competence

Imperfect drug penetration leads to spatial monotherapy and rapid evolution of multidrug resistance

Speed of adaptation and genomic footprints of host-parasite coevolution under arms race and trench warfare dynamics

Effect of disease prevalence and spatial heterogeneity on polymorphism maintenance in host-parasite interactions

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How some bacteria escape antibiotics

How does a bacterium make sense of the world?

'Imperfect drug penetration' speeds pathogens' resistance, study finds