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Mass spectrometric quantification of urinary 6-sulfatoxymelatonin: age-dependent excretion and biological variation

Thiols as markers of redox status in type 1 diabetes mellitus

Identification of inflammatory markers suitable for non-invasive, repeated measurement studies in biobehavioral research: A feasibility study

Quality and Quantity of Sleep and Factors Associated With Sleep Disturbance in Hospitalized Patients

Using bundle embeddings to predict daily cortisol levels in human subjects

Effects of urinary cortisol levels and resting heart rate on the risk for fatal and nonfatal cardiovascular events

The relationship between 63 days of 24-h urinary free cortisol and hair cortisol levels in 10 healthy individuals

Using State Space Methods to Reveal Dynamical Associations Between Cortisol and Depression

Age- and sex-specific associations between adverse life events and functional bodily symptoms in the general population

Effects of adverse life events on heart rate variability, cortisol, and C-reactive protein

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