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How to find us S.L. (Steph) Johnson-Zawadzki

S.L. Johnson-Zawadzki

PhD Student

Psychological, social and financial barriers to energy efficiency (PENNY)


The PENNY project aims at improving our understanding on consumer behaviour in the domain of energy efficiency, following an interdisciplinary and broad behavioural science approach. The project aims to provide an empirical and numerical assessment of the psychological, social, economic and financial factors that influence energy efficiency.

Funded by the EU, Horizon2020

Incentives and algorithms for efficient, reliable, sustainable and socially acceptable energy system integration (ERSAS)


The goal of the ERSAS project is to identify ways to realize efficient, reliable, sustainable and socially acceptable energy systems integration. This is an interdisciplinary project in which we integrate macro (technical) and micro (social) perspectives and examine how to synergise infrastructure for gas, electricity and heat, and ways to promote efficient use of such energy systems by end users.

Project partners working in conjunction with our interdisciplinary RUG team:
TNO, George Huitema
Alliander, Martijn Bongaerts
Enexis, Michiel van Dam

Funded by NWO

Publications based on this project:
Meta-analytic evidence for a robust and positive association between individuals' pro-environmental behaviors and their subjective wellbeing

Translating climate beliefs into action in a changing political landscape

The value of what others value: When perceived biospheric group values influence individuals’ pro-environmental engagement

Distributed control of DC grids: A social perspective

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