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Molecular imaging applications of antibody-based immunotherapeutics to understand cancer drug distribution

Preclinical PET imaging of bispecific antibody ERY974 targeting CD3 and glypican 3 reveals that tumor uptake correlates to T cell infiltrate

Zr-89-labeled Bispecific T-cell Engager AMG 211 PET Shows AMG 211 Accumulation in CD3-rich Tissues and Clear, Heterogeneous Tumor Uptake

Molecular Imaging in Cancer Drug Development

Molecular Imaging of Radiolabeled Bispecific T-cell Engager 89Zr-AMG211 Targeting CEA-positive Tumors

Tumor-associated macrophages in breast cancer: Innocent bystander or important player?

Zirconium-89 (89Zr)-labeled bispecific T-cell engager (BiTE (R)) AMG 211 PET imaging to determine AMG 211 biodistribution in patients with gastrointestinal (GI) adenocarcinomas

Biodistribution and PET Imaging of Labeled Bispecific T Cell-Engaging Antibody Targeting EpCAM

Tumor targeting and tissue distribution of solitomab (AMG 110; anti-EpCAM BiTE (R)) in human EpCAM-positive tumor bearing mice

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