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Networks and psychopathology: opportunities, challenges and implications

Subtyping psychological distress in the population: a semi-parametric network approach

A Transdiagnostic Network Approach to Psychosis

An investigation of emotion dynamics in major depressive disorder patients and healthy persons using sparse longitudinal networks

Can We Jump from Cross-Sectional to Dynamic Interpretations of Networks? Implications for the Network Perspective in Psychiatry

HowNutsAreTheDutch (HoeGekIsNL): A crowdsourcing study of mental symptoms and strengths

Toward evidence-based medical statistics: a Bayesian analysis of double-blind placebo-controlled antidepressant trials in the treatment of anxiety disorders

Toward evidence-based medicine: the use of bayes factors to evaluate the efficacy of antidepressants

Decomposing the heterogeneity of depression at the person-, symptom-, and time-level: Latent variable models versus multimode principal component analysis

HowNutsAreTheDutch: Personalized feedback on a national scale

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