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A biotechnological overview of syngas fermentation

A Re-Look On The Biofuels: How Can Industrial Processes Underpin The Drive For Sustainable Development?

A technological outlook of biokerosene production

A technological understanding of biofilm detection techniques: A Review

An Overview of the Technological Applicability of Plasma Gasification Process

Co-digestion of cow and sheep manure: Performance evaluation and relative microbial activity

Effect of temperature and organic load on the performance of anaerobic bioreactors treating grasses

Influence of liquid-to-gas ratio on the syngas fermentation efficiency: An experimental approach

Microbiology and Biochemistry of Anaerobic Digesters: A Brief Overview

Miniaturization and 3D printing of bioreactors: A technological mini review

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Green Architecture: Towards Sustainable Development

Anaerobic digestion: Bolstering the energy economy

Plasma gasification: A way to boost the circular economy

Forestry Biomass - Energy Carrier

Anaerobic digestion: a key player for bioenergy production

Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things: Key players for the environment and sustainable development

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