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Functional Foreign Accent Syndrome in suspected Conversion Disorder: A case study

The Impact of Alcohol on L1 versus L2

The influence of alcohol on L1 vs. L2 pronunciation

Cerebellar induced differential polyglot aphasia: A neurolinguistic and fMRI study

Foreign Accent Syndrome: A Neurolinguistic Analysis

The Posterior Fossa and Foreign Accent Syndrome: Report of Two New Cases and Review of the Literature

Book review: Redefining recovery from aphasia, by Cahana-Amitay, D. and Albert, M. L., New York, NY, Oxford University Press, 2015

Developmental Foreign Accent Syndrome: Report of a New Case

Foreign Accent Syndrome As a Psychogenic Disorder: A Review

Perceptual Accent Rating and Attribution in Psychogenic FAS: Some Further Evidence Challenging Whitaker's Operational Definition

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