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Is electricity storage systems in the Netherlands indispensable or doable? Testing electricity storage business models with exploratory agent-based modeling

How significant is vertical ground motion from low magnitude earthquakes?

Using horizontal-to-vertical spectral ratios to construct shear-wave velocity profiles

Assessing soil amplifications in Groningen, the Netherlands

The Vertical Component of Low Magnitude Earthquakes, Why Do We Care?

Using Horizontal to Vertical Spectral Ratio's to characterize subsurface seismic properties in Groningen, the Netherlands

An experimental study of dolomite dissolution kinetics at conditions relevant to CO2 geological storage

Geochemical implications of production and storage control by coupling a direct-use geothermal system with heat networks

Impact of technical and economic uncertainties on the economic performance of a deep geothermal heat system

Modular evaluation method for subsurface activities (MEMSA). A novel approach for integrating social acceptance in a permit decision-making process for subsurface activities

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