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To be Scientific is to be Communist

Jury Theorems for Peer Review

Measurement Invariance, Selection Invariance, and Fair Selection Revisited

The Necessity of Commensuration Bias in Grant Peer Review

Cumulative Advantage and the Incentive to Commit Fraud in Science

Is Peer Review a Good Idea?

The Head and the Heart: Incentives and Norms

Epistemic Diversity and Editor Decisions: A Statistical Matthew Effect

Laat het oor niet hangen naar een televisiepresentator

The Credit Incentive to Be a Maverick

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Ongekend Podcast Episode 4 - Is het meeste gepubliceerde onderzoek onwaar? (Remco Heesen)

Ipse Dixit Podcast episode 669 - Remco Heesen & Liam Bright on Peer Review



Moving towards fairer academic rewards

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