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How to find us dr. R.D. (Remco) Heesen


Is Peer Review a Good Idea?

The Head and the Heart: Incentives and Norms

Epistemic Diversity and Editor Decisions: A Statistical Matthew Effect

Laat het oor niet hangen naar een televisiepresentator

The Credit Incentive to Be a Maverick

Thomas Boyer-Kassem, Conor Mayo-Wilson, and Michael Weisberg, eds. Scientific Collaboration and Collective Knowledge: New Essays

Vindicating methodological triangulation

A Role for Judgment Aggregation in Coauthoring Scientific Papers

When journal editors play favorites

Why the Reward Structure of Science Makes Reproducibility Problems Inevitable

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Ipse Dixit Podcast episode 669 - Remco Heesen & Liam Bright on Peer Review



Moving towards fairer academic rewards

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