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How to find us prof. dr. R.P.H. (Rainer) Bischoff

prof. dr. R.P.H. Bischoff

Professor & Head Department of Analytical Biochemistry



Graduate Education:

            Ph.D. from the University of Göttingen, Germany in Chemistry (November 1984) with practical work performed at the Max-Planck-Institute for Experimental Medicine in Göttingen. Major topic: Development of new methods for the analysis of tRNAs and oligonucleotides using HPLC (supervisor: Dr. Larry W. McLaughlin).


Professional Career:

            Present Position (since January 2001): Professor of Pharmacy at the University of Groningen, Department for Pharmacy, Analytical Biochemistry.  In this position Prof. Bischoff focuses on developing novel methods for protein, peptide and metabolite analysis. The research group has collaborations with various medical research groups in the area of disease biomarkers, with chemistry groups in the area of targeted protease inhibitors and with informatics groups concerning data processing and statistical data analysis (see:

            Previous Position  (December 1999 - January 2001): Leader of the Target Development Section within the Department of Molecular Sciences at AstraZeneca R&D Lund (Sweden) with responsibility for Protein Production and Assay Development. Leader of a preclinical research project in the area of inflammatory disease and immunology.

            Previous Position (March 1998 – October 1999): Leader of the Protein Chemistry Team with responsibility for protein purification and analysis within the Department of Cell & Molecular Biology at AstraZeneca R&D in Lund.

            Previous Positions: 1990-1998 Leader of the Protein Analysis Group at Transgene S.A., a biotechnology company in Strasbourg (France), with responsibility for protein microcharacterisation. Leader of a preclinical research project concerning the development of novel gene delivery systems based on synthetic molecules (1996-1998).

            1987-1990: Research scientist at Transgene S.A. with responsibility for pilot scale purification of recombinant proteins (hirudin, alpha-1-antitrypsin). Project leader for a preclinical research project concerning the use of alpha-1-antitrypsin variants in the treatment and prevention of septic shock (1989-1991).

            1985-1986: Postdoctoral research fellow in the Department of Biochemistry at Purdue University, West-Lafayette, Indiana, USA (Prof. Fred E. Regnier). Work on the development of novel affinity matrices for protein and nucleic acid isolation.

            1984-1985: Postdoctoral research fellow at the Max-Planck-Institute for Experimental Medicine in Göttingen, Germany, finalizing work on the development and application of stationary phases for the separation of tRNAs and oligonucleotides by HPLC.


Authored: appr. 200 peer-reviewed publications and book chapters.


Holder of 12 patents.


Board member of the Netherlands Proteomics Platform and of the Working Group on Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis (FABIAN) of the Royal Dutch Chemical Society.


Chairman of the Dutch Scientific Organization (NWO) study group on Analytical Chemistry (2008-2010).


Reviewer for a range of international scientific journals and funding agencies.


For information about the research group, please see

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