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Exploring temporal relationships among worrying, anxiety, and somatic symptoms

Towards personalized assessment of fatigue perpetuating factors in patients with chronic fatigue syndrome using ecological momentary assessment: A pilot study

Comorbidity between depression and anxiety: assessing the role of bridge mental states in dynamic psychological networks

Measuring psychopathology as it unfolds in daily life: addressing key assumptions of intensive longitudinal methods in the TRAILS TRANS-ID study

Can we predict the direction of sudden shifts in symptoms?: Transdiagnostic implications from a complex systems perspective on psychopathology

Capturing the risk of persisting depressive symptoms: A dynamic network investigation of patients' daily symptom experiences

Specificity of psychopathology across levels of severity: a transdiagnostic network analysis

Gut microbiota, metabolism and psychopathology: A critical review and novel perspectives

Psychotic experiences and risk of self-injurious behaviour in the general population: a systematic review and meta-analysis

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