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Balancing responsibilities: Effects of growth of variable renewable energy, storage, and undue grid interaction

Comprehensive review of current natural gas liquefaction processes on technical and economic performance

How does the interplay between resource availability, intersectoral competition and reliability affect a low-carbon power generation mix in Brazil for 2050?

System analysis of the bio-based economy in Colombia: A bottom-up energy system model and scenario analysis

Systems analysis of the bioeconomy as a path towards low carbon development in Colombia

Technical and economic optimization of expander-based small-scale natural gas liquefaction processes with absorption precooling cycle

Pathways for a Brazilian biobased economy: Towards optimal utilization of biomass

Improving the Sustainability of Farming Practices through the Use of a Symbiotic Approach for Anaerobic Digestion and Digestate Processing

A new approach for measuring the environmental sustainability of renewable energy production systems: Focused on the modelling of green gas production pathways

Environmental and energy performance of the biomass to synthetic natural gas supply chain

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