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R.K. (Ranjita) Bose, Prof

Associate professor

PhD and postdoc supervision projects:

  1. Guilherme M.R. Lima: Foaming of biodegradable polymers using supercritical CO2, 2020 – present
  2. Adrivit Mukherjee: Electrically conductive hydrogels for sensor applications, 2020 – present
  3. Pablo Gonzales: Polyketone cellulose membranes for water purification, 2020 - present
  4. Jie Guo: Reversible Diels-Alder composites via solution-based and chemical vapor deposition-based approaches, 2020 - present
  5. Paul van den Tempel: Thermally recyclable Diels-Alder networks, 2021 - present
  6. Dr. Giovanni Fortunato: Stimuli responsive polymers with gradient in mechanical properties, 2021 - present
  7. Yizeng Di: Gradient polymer thin films via initiated chemical vapor deposition, 2022 - present

Completed PhD supervision projects:

  1. Afshin Dianatdar: Chemical vapor deposition of conductive polymers and their applications, 2017 – 2022
  2. Felipe Orozco: Kinetics, rheological, and mechanistic studies of shape memory and self-healing in polyketones and their composites, 2018 – 2022


  • DSM Coatings and Resins, Zwolle, the Netherlands – CVD coatings of conductive polymers on cellulose nanofillers. Prof. Cor Koning
  • Philips, Drachten, the Netherlands – Understanding environmental stress cracking and ageing in polymers. Dr. Sepas Setayesh
  • Loparex, Appeldoorn, the Netherlands – Understanding the rheology of curing of silicone-based polymer release liners.
  • Foamplant, Groningen, the Netherlands – Rheological study of biodegradable polymer foams.
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