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Complexity and the Place of Translation in Digital Humanities: Post-Disciplinary Communities of Practice in the Translation Studies Network

Literary Barters: A Network Science Approach to Agency in Translation

Literary Translation in Electronic Literature and Digital Humanities

Using computers in the translation of literary style. Challenges and opportunities by Roy Youdale, London and New York, Routledge, 2020, 242 p. ISBN 9780367131233 / 9780429030345

A micro-centric network: Post-communist Romanian mainstream and indie publishers of U.S. and Canadian contemporary poetry in translation

Chaos out of Order: Translations of American and Canadian Contemporary Poetry into Romanian before 1989 from a Complexity Perspective


The Network Effect and Rock Lyric Translation: The Case of Romanian Radio Producers and Musicians under Communism

Translation and Chaos: Poetry Translators’ Agency in a Non-Hegemonic Network. A Digital Humanities Approach

Translator Networks of Networks in Digital Space: The Case of Asymptote Journal

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