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A Chemically Recyclable Crosslinked Polymer Network Enabled by Orthogonal Dynamic Covalent Chemistry

Acylhydrazine-based reticular hydrogen bonds enable robust, tough, and dynamic supramolecular materials

Disulfide-Mediated Reversible Polymerization toward Intrinsically Dynamic Smart Materials

Dynamic Control of a Multistate Chiral Supramolecular Polymer in Water

Light-Driven Spiral Deformation of Supramolecular Helical Microfibers by Localized Photoisomerization

Stereodivergent Chirality Transfer by Noncovalent Control of Disulfide Bonds

Dual closed-loop chemical recycling of synthetic polymers by intrinsically reconfigurable poly(disulfides)

Motorized Macrocycle: A Photo-responsive Host with Switchable and Stereoselective Guest Recognition

Photo-crosslinking polymers by dynamic covalent disulfide bonds

Reversibly modulating a conformation-adaptive fluorophore in [2]catenane

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